LEHIGH CO. PENNA. 1750-1764

COMMUNICANT MEMBERS, MAY,1750 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran congregation, familiarly known as the
"Blue Church", was the first of that denomination organized within the
present limits of Upper Saucon township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.
The land on which the present church stands,(third erected) was warrented
to Conrad Walp in January of 1737, and it is claimed that the
congregation was organized a few years later.  However, in 1745, the 
Rev. H. M. Muhlenberg was notified that the congregation had erected a
church and school-house. These records have been copied exactly as written.
SOURCE: The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XXXV-
Philadelphia: Publication Fund of The Historical Society of Pa. 1911, found
at your local library.



Oct. 23 GRAMLICH, Hans Adam and Anna Margaretha (wid.Stocker) May 15, KUCKERT, Johann Adam and Johanna Elisabetha LAUBACH, Christian's daughter Dec. 18 WEBER, Jacob Friderich Weber's eldest son, and Johanna Margaretha HERBOLD
Aug. 20 APPELL, Johann Martin and Maria Catharina HORNECKER, Rudolph's daughter Nov. 19 BAUER, Johann Peter and Catharina (widow INDORTH) Sept. 18 GANN, Johannes and Elizabetha MARSTELLER Dec. 2 KLEIN, George and Prudence WILLIAMS June 20 MIES, Anthonius and Maria Margaretha NEFE March 21 MOLIG, Johann and Christina LE FEBER, Johannes Le Feber's daughter Jan. 22 MORRI, George Wilhelm and Maria Barbara (widow STIEBER)
Jan. 14 APPELL, Johann and Anna Maria BOGER, Martin Boger's daughter Nov. 12 BAUN, Johann Jacob and Elisabetha GANN, widow June 30 GERBERICH, Johann Michael and wid. Gertraut GEIGER Oct. 26 HERDER, George and Eva BRACKER, Christian Bracker's daughter Nov. 12 KRATZER, George Friderich and Anna Maria DORSTLINGER Fridrich Drostlinger's daughter(NAME SPELLED TWO DIFFERENT WAYS) Aug. 4 MUCHTERN, Johannes and Barbara PITS (Bits) Sept. 28 SCHAUT, Jacob and Anna GRAF Nov. 1 WOLFF, Johann Philip and Maria PIOU, John Piou's daughter
Nov. 13 BLANCK, Johann George and Eva Elisabetha STEINMETZ, Valentine Steinmetz's daughter April 7 BRAUN, Daniel and Anna Elisabeth CERVAS, Gottfried Cervas's daughter Jan. 9 BRUNNER, Heinrich and Maria Magdalena ZELLER, Philip Henrich Zeller's daughter Aug. 5 ERDMANN, Andreas and Anna Margaretha FRIDRICH June 18 FRIDERICH, Jacob and Anna Rosina BOHMAN, George Bohman's daughter Aug. 14 HENCKE Johann and Catharina DROSTLINGER, Fridrich Dorstlinger's daughter Eodem?? LUDWIG, Jacob and Anna Margaretha, (widow) MARSTELLER June 14 MICHAEL, George (Heinrich Michael's in Philadelphia) son, and Anna Margaretha KNAUSS, Ludwig Knauss's daughter April 5 WEBER, Jacob and Magdalena, (widow) SEBOLD

..... CHRISTEIN, Peter and Anna Margaretha GRILL, Nicholaus Grill's daughter ..... DIEMER, Andreas and Margaretha NAUMANN, Christian Naumann's daugher from Dryland ..... EVERTS, Adam and wid. Anne Marie TEUTSCH ..... JUNGHEN, Heinrich and ....SCHERER, both of Nackamixin ..... LEISENRING, Conrad and Sibilla VEIT ..... NAREGANG, Michael and Anne Elisabeth FEGELE July 6 REXER, Johann Jacob and Regina HARTMANN, Peter Hartmann's daughte ..... SCHMEL, Michael and Maria KILIERS, from Springfield ..... WEISER, Adam and Elisabeth BECK, Jurg Beck's daughter from Blue Mt.
May 23 ..... CERVAS Gottfried and Ann Sophia KRISCHER, of Saucon Nov. 30 ENGELERT, Jacob and Anne Maria BAIER, from the Blue Mt., of the Reformed Church at the home of TIETS Nov. 30 KRAMER, Hinrich and Elisabeth ROHN, from Dryland March 16 MEIER, Johann and wid. Christina NOVERSSCHERER Hinrich and Catharina Dorothe HELLER March 28 WEBER , Jurg and Susanne WEIHER, Leonhard Weiher's daughter, from Dryland
Jan. 11 CLAUS, Johann and Catharina REXER May 3 EBERHARD, Johann Ahrenhold from Egypt and Anne Margareth Weber, Friderich Weber's dau. from Lower Saucon Dec. 13 FRITSCHMANN, Hans Adam and Catharina Elisabeth MEIER June 7 HENZ, Borchert and Catharina NICKEL (DUPLICATION) June 7 HENZ, Borchert and Catharina NICKEL April 12 JAHN, Johann Zacharias and Maria Catharina KREISCHER June 23 The Schoolmaster, Peter KNEPLE and Christina GANGWEHR April 28 MULLER, George Henrich and Maria Magdalena BIBER, Theobald Biber's surviving dau. from the Blue Mt. May 10 RAWER, Jacob and Elisabeth BURGER March 8 SCHAFFER, Hinrich of the Ref. Church in Lower Saucon, and Elisabeth HERMENN Feb 22 STIER, Jacob and Dorothea FRANKEN, Johann Adam Franckens's daughter April 14 SOHNS, Peter beyond the Blue Mts. and Anne Maria RAUP, Michael Raup's dau.
May 4 BLANK, Johann and Eva Elisabeth BEIL, Balthasar Beil's dau. from Upper Sau. Nov. 30 BLANK, Widower Adam and Anne Margretha WEILAND, Adam Schafer's widow Feb. 21 ENGELHARD, Michael a soldier under Capt. Ahrens, and Maria Margretha KOCH, Jacob Koch's daughter from Dryland March 28 GANGEWEHR, Jacob son of Jacob Gangewehr, the elder, from Upper Saucon and Maria Eva SCHLOSSER ..... HORLACHER Daniel and Maria Margretha BRUNNER, Hinrich Brunner's daughter from Upper Saucon May 9 KLEINTAP ohann and Eva HELDENBRANDT, from Lehigh twsp. Sept. 8 STOLZE, George widower, and Anne Elisabeth ROTH, widow of Jacob Roth, who was killed by the Indians beyond the Blue Mt.
1759 Married in the Upper Saucon Congregation
Jan. 30 EMMERICH, Jacob and Anna Elisabeth BECH (?) May 14 GARTNER, George and Magdalena GERHARD (THIS ENTRY WAS CROSSED OUT IN INK) Jan. 9 GROSS, Johann Caspar and Anna Maria PITZ June 7 GRAFF, Adam April 3 HAPPEL, Nicolaus and Catharina STAUTER, from the Blue Mt. July 3 HAUSMANN, Martin and Margretha STROH, at Michael Dither's house Jan. 23 JUNGHEN, Johann and Catharina KILICHER Nov. 6 KUCKER, Daniel and Anne Maria FUCHS, Conrad Fuch's daughter Dec. 11 LAWAR, Wilhelm and Elisabeth LANG Dec. 6, POSSERT, George Peter and Anna Mar. Cathar. GARTER, from beyond the Blue Mt. Nov. 22 RUMETSCH, Caspar, from Blue Mt. and Maria Barbara LAWAR(Labor)? Dec. 13 SCHUTZ, John Philip, Ludew Schutz's son from Upper Milford, and Elisabeth Margretha SCHMIDT, Michael Schmidt's dau. from Upper Milford
Sept. 18 APPEL, Johann, the elder, and the widow Magdalena BERNERT Oct. 14 CERVING, Jacob and Anna Margretha BILDHAUS, Jacob Bildhaus widow Nov. 4 DORN, Caspar and Verona HAUSER, from Plainfield Feb. 14 KLEINTAP, Christopher and Maria Anna HELDEBRANDT, FROM Lehigh Twsp April 29 MULLER, Johann, from Sopus, and Dorothea Margretha BARTHOLD Feb. 26 OSWALT, Johann and Maria Barbara schantz April 10 SCHAFER, Johann George and Maria Elisabeth GOTZ June 5 SCHALL, Nicolaus of Bethlehem Twsp. and Margrethe BECK Nov. 2 THEBI, Solomon and Dorothea Sonstet, from Dryland Sept. 4 THANI, Ludewig and the widow Catharina HEISCH March 20 THEOBALD, Johann and Christina REXER Aug. 19 WAGNER, Philip and the window BRENNIG Jan. 4 WALP, Johann Jost and Catharina BAIR
..... WEBER, Johann and Luise ZION, Carl Zion's widow Dec. 29 STECHER, Adam and Margrethe RUMFELD
Oct. 4 BEUTELER, Johann and Clara REINHARDT, Joh. Peter Reinhardt's widow Feb 9 FRANK, Peter and Margretha SCHMIDT May 18 KEPLER, Jacob and Maria Christina KIRSCHENER
July 25 SILCKERT, Wilhelm and Elisabeth SCHAFFER Nov. 22 NICOLAUS, Johann and Anna Maria Werles
April 3 BASELER, Esther, Friedrich Baseler's wife, aged 26 years and some days. buried April 4th June 20 ERDMANN, Johann Juhtg Erdmann's son, aged 17 wks. and some days buried June 22 Jan. 27 ERLEBACH, George. Ref., (Johann George Marsteller's father-in-law) aged about 89 years. Buried Jan. 29th March 19 KERSCHNER, Maria, George Kerschner's dau. aged 6 mos. and 19 days buried March 21st Jan. 6 OTTO, Matthias, age 66 years and 6 mos. buried Jan. 6th
Aug. 8 BEUTELMANN, Joh. Jacob, born Aug. 7, 1720 buried on his own land Aug. 10th July 21 GAN, Regina, wife of Johann Gan, aged 39 yrs. and 5 weeks and 6 days. buried July 22nd August 7 INDORHT, Kilian, aged about 33 years. buried August 8th July 11 KECK, Henrich Keck's son, aged 14 das. buried July 12th Oct. 19 MARSTELLER, John, born 1695 buried Oct. 21st
Feb. 10 BRUNNER, Anna Maria, born Sept. 1716 buried Feb. 12th Feb. 16 BRUNNER, Johann Philip, Henrich Brunner's son buried Feb. 17th July 10 HEUMACHER, Gerhard, Christopher Heumacher's son buried July 11th in the Schmaltzgaffe KAUER, Barbara, wife of Johann Nicolaus Kauer buried Feb. 22 in the cemetary? in the Schmaltzgraffe? Nov. 25 WEBER, Eva Christina, Jacob Weber's wife, aged 52 years buried Nov. 27th Nov. 23 WINDT, Maria Barbara, dau. of Andreas Windt, aged 3 yrs. 15 wks. and 6 das. buried Nov. 24th
Jan. 6 ERDMANN, Anna Dorothea, wife of Andreas Erdmann, aged 26 years and 3 months. burid Jan. 8th. Feb. 21 ERDMANN, Johann Jacob, son of Jacob Erdmann, born March 14, 1750 buried Feb. 22nd April 1 SEYDER, Johann Heinrich, son of Michael Seyder, born May 4, 1750, and died March 31st, 1753 July 8 SEYDER, Susanna Seyder, aged 80 years, buried July 9th.
There are no 1755 deaths reported
Aug. 13 BIRKENSTOCK, widow of our pastor Johann Justus Birkenstock, and buried on her own place Aug. 15
July 25 BAUER, Peter, buried on the Upper Saucon Cemetery. He was accidentally killed on July 23 by being kicked by his horse. Feb. 27 DANNEHAUER, Andreas, Abraham Dannehauer's son, buried Sept.6 DORNGLASER, Paulus, buried, Gottlieb Dornglaser's son May 5 LOHREN, Anna Barbara, buried, Wilhelm Lohren youngest daughter. Died May 3rd in her third year. March 2 WINDT'S, Anna Regina Catharina, daughter of Andreas Windt's buried, aged 1 year and 11 mos. REINHARDT, John, Peter Reinhardt's son buried
May 21 APPEL, Johann, the elder's wife, buried aged 59 years Sept. 8 BRUNNER, Johann George, Hinrich Brunner's son, aged 3 buried Aug. 22 DORSTLINGER, Anna Margretha, wife of Friderich Dorstlinger, buried Aug. 8 HARTMAN, Philip, Peter Hartman's son buried Aug. 16 HARTMAN, ...... Peter Hartman's daughter aged about 6 years May 15 HELD, Johann Martin, buried, aged 18 years Aug. 22 a daughter of the same buried without a preacher( just what it says?) July 31 KRATZER, Anna Margretha, Friderick Kratzer's daughter, buried, aged 1 year 7 mos and 3 weeks Aug. 22 Widow Schneider
Oct. 30 ERDMANN, Anna Catharina, buried, aged 78 years April 30 HELLER, Maria Elisabetha, George Christoph Heller's daughter, buried aged 5 years and 1 mo. Dec. 10 WEBER, Sarah, wife of Johann Weber buried March 20 WIFE,......Christopher Herpel's wife buried, aged 39 years Missing 1761-62-63
March 21 DRAUB, Jacob, son of Jacob Draub, buried, aged 3 years, less 1 day. died of smallpox Jan. 5 HEISER, Felix, a son of Henrich Heiser, buried aged 2 years and 6 weeks Feb. 29 HELFERICH,.......buried of Upper Milford, aged 75 years Jan. 7 HITTEL, Johann Peter buried in Upper Milford, aged 43 years 11 mos, 5 das. April 2 MORY, Jacob, son of Jacob Mory, of Upper Saucon, buried, aged 5 years, 5 mos. and 4 ds. March 12 RAUB, Maria Sara, of Upper Saucon, Buried, aged 73 yrs., 9 mos. Jan. 1 REINER, John Peter, son of George Reiner, buried, aged 3 years, 11 mos. 1 week and 3 das. March 26 WESGO, ....., son of Francisco Wesgo, aged 6 years, 10 mos and 5 days. died of convulsions
ANNA MARIA, maid at Stallneckers ANNA MARGARETHA, Nicolaus Frantz' wife APPELL, Johann, wf. Elisabeth Catharina, sons Johann Martin and Johann BASSEL, George, wife Maria Juliana BEIL, Balthaser, wf. Elisabetha, servant Johann Henrich Rahn BEISCH, Bastian, wf. Benico Catharina BISCHOF, Maria BRENNER, Johann Caspar, wf. Appalonia BREUTZER, Christian, wf. Anna Ursula BEUTELMANN, Elias, wf. Anna Maria BRUNNER, Henrich, wife Anna Maria, Servants, Franz Ziegeler, Anna Maria Schlagehaup, Philip Nolff DANNERHAUER, Abraham, wf. Anna Catharina DORFLINGER, Maria Catharina DORSTLINGER, Friedrich, wf. Anna Margaretha, dau. Anna Maria ERDMANN, Anna Catharina, wf. of Johannes Erdmann ERDMANN, Andreas, wf. Dorothea FRANCK, Wilhelm, servant to George Bachman FRANCKENFELD, Philip Peter GANGEWEHR, Jacob GANGEWEHR, Jacob, son Christopher GERNER, Henrich, servant to Jacob Bachman HELFFRICH, Johann, wife Anna Maria, son Johann Michael HERTZ, Andreas, wf. Anna Catharina HILLER, George INDORFF, Augusta Catharina Margaretha KECK, Henrich KERSCHNER, Johann Jacob, wf. Anna Margaretha KISTNER, Ludwig, servant to Friedrich Weber KLEIN, Peter KOHLER, Martin, wife Francisca LEISERING, Johann Conrad, servant to old George Bachman LOFFLER, Johann, wf. Catharina MACK, Anna Maria, wf. of Valentin, Refd.? MARSTELLER, Catharina MARSTELLER, Johann George, wf. Anna Margretha, dau. Elisabeth MEISCH, Stephen, servant at Kratzers, wf. Esophronica MERCKERT, Anna Christian MERCKERT, Peter, wf. Christina Margaretha, son Johann Philip, dau. Rosina Catharina wife Dieley MERSCH, Nicolaus MOSER, Michael, wf. Elisabetha OLDT, Matthias, son of Magdalena Elisabeth RAUB, Christian, wife Barbara RAHN, Johannes, wife Anna RAUP, Andreas RAUP, Philip, wf. Maria Sara; servant Anna Barbara Sturm REICH, Johann Jacob, servant to Tobias Baal REINHARD, Johann George, wf. Maria Barbara REINHARD, Valentin, wf. Barbara RITSCHI, Maria Catharina, Jacob's wife RUMFELD, Henrich, wf. Barbara SAXER, Jacob SCHAFFER, Johann, servant to Caspar Strom SCHERFFENSTEIN, Catharina Dorothea, widow SCHILIP, Peter, wf. Catharina SCHMIDT, Michael, wf. Abba Barbara SCHNEIDER, Martin, and wife SEYDER, wf. Eva. Dorothea, mother Susanna SCHUMACHER, Johann George, wf. Catharina STEESER, Melchior, wf. Eva Christina STEINMETZ, Valentin, wf. Anna Elisabetha SIGMANN, George, wife Barbara, bro. Leonhard Sigmann STIER, Jacob, servant to Valentin Buchecker STOCKER, Anna Margaretha UHLER, Valentin TRAPP, Philipp, wf. Friderica Dorothea VEHLER, Adam VELT, Maria Clara, servant to Steinmetz WALP, Maria Catharina, widow WEBER, Jacob, wf. Elisabeth WEBER, Friedrich, wf. Catharina, son Jacob, dau. Catharina ZIMERMANN, Ludwig, wf. Margaretha
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