JOHANN GEORGE2 STOCKER (JOHANN1) was born July 1833 in Rohrback Germany, and died May 1921 in Leesport, Pa.. He married SARAH RAPP, daughter of HENRY RAPP and MARIA SAVAGE.

Generation No.1
Georg Rapp was born 1685. He married Barbara Schonthaler JOHANN PETER RAPP(Georg) was born Feb. 23, 1685/86 in Beuren, Wurttemberg, Germany, and died April 23, 1736 in Germany. He married Barbara Schonthaler Oct. 16, 1714 in Schwann, Wurttemberg, Germany. Daughter of Jacob Schonthaler and Anna Marie.
Child of Johann Rapp and Barbara Schonthaler was:
Johann Peter Rapp b. April 20, 1723, Schwann, Wurttemberg, Germany. Died Aug. 21, 1791, Reading, Pa.
Generation No. 2
Johann Peter Rapp(Johann Peter,Georg)was born April 20, 1723 in Schwann, Wurttemberg, Germany and died Aug. 21, 1791, buried in Reading, Pa He married Christina Reitmeyer, she was born Nov.9th, 1724 in Utervossingen, Dourlach, Germany and died Dec. 4, 1783. Children of Johann Peter and Christina Reitmeyer were: Johann Adam Rapp b. Oct. 27, 1760 Berks County, Pa. ref. Trinity Church Records, d. July 19, 1839, Berks Co. Johann Michael Rapp, b. Jan. 16, 1747/48 Frederick Rapp, b. June 20, 1754 Juliana Rapp b. Feb. 12, 1758 Dorothea Rapp, b. 1753 Eva Elisabeth Rapp, b. Feb. 17, 1766 Henrich Rapp, d. 1763
Generation No. 3
Johann Adam Rapp(Johann Peter,Georg) was born Oct. 27, 1760 in Berks Co, Pa.(Trinity Church Records)and died July 19, 1839 in Berks County(Trinity Church Records). He married Barbara Witman abt 1782-83 in Rockbridge, Virginia. Children of Johann Adam Rapp and Barbara Witman were: Henrich Adam Rapp, b. Oct. 31, 1785 Catharina Rapp, b. June 27, 1783 Johannes Rapp, b. April 10, 1788 Dorothea Rapp, b. Oct. 7, 1790 Maria Rapp, b. June 23, 1794 Barbara Rapp, b. 1797 Peter Rapp, b. 1792
Generation No. 4
Henrich Adam Rapp(Johann Adam, Johann Peter, Georg) was born Oct.31,1785. He married Susanna Graul. Child of Henrich Rapp and Susanna Graul was: Henry Rapp, b. May 5, 1818 Berks co. Pa. died Oct. 09, 1884, Leesport, Pa.
Generation No. 5
Henry Rapp(Henrich,Johann Adam, Johann Peter, Georg)was born May 5, 1818 in Berks County, Pa. and died Oct. 9, 1884 in Leesport. He married Maria Savage Dec. 27, 1835 in Hamburg, Pa.She was born 1818-20, died Jan. 14,1897, Leesport, Pa. buried at Leesport cemetery. Children of Henry B. Rapp and Maria Savage were: Sarah Rapp, b. June 11, 1839 m. John George Stocker; died Jan. 13-14 1912, Reading, Pa. William b. 1843 Emma, b. 1856 John, b. 1853-died young George, b. 1851-1860 Samuel, b. 1858-died young Henry, b. 1849-1851 Jonathan b. 1846-1847 Abraham, b. 1847-1849 Susan
Generation No. 6
Sarah Ann Rapp(Henry, Henrich Adam, Johann Adam, Joahann Peter, George) was born July 11, 1838 in Hamburg, Pa. and died from Embolism. between Jan. 13-14, 1912 in Reading, Pa. She married John George Stocker May 21, 1857 in Evangelical Lutheran Church near Leesport, Pa. son of Johanne Stocker and Catharina. He was born July 25, 1833 in Baden,Germany and died May 11, 1921 in Leeport, Pa.She was Lutheran and a Alsace Church member. He was a saloon Owner. children were: John Henry Stocker, b. Oct.1m 1863m Reading, Pa. d. Nov. 14, 1922, Philadelphia,Pa, Emilie(Amelia) Catherine Mary b. 1860 Anna, b. 1869
Generation No. 7
John Henry Stocker married Augusta Victoria Meyer in 1888 in Reading, Pa. They had son Edward, rest is private.